Donald Miller at the DNC…

          I was browsing youtube when I came across something that I found interesting. My favorite author of the past 5 years, Donald Miller, closed the Democratic National Convention in prayer. So I found the video of the prayer and then his pre-prayer interview and thought I would put them on here.

Note: Part of the prayer is silent due to technical difficulties…

          So what do you think? Should a Christian leader associate with a political party and offer up prayer at such an event?

          Here is my opinion. I am sure most will disagree, but oh well… Donald Miller offered prayer, and very respectfully and insightfully did so, in a well poised, unbiased way. Had he actually spoken at the DNC I can garuntee you there would not have been one slanderous comment, or backbiting remark uttered against the republican party. Republican, Evangelical bloggers have begun trashing Don for his role at the DNC, but I have to ask- Have not most evangelical leaders offered such speeches, prayers and thoughts at Republican events for the past 25 years? Jerry Falwell comes to mind, as does Pat Robertson- Men who led substantial numbers within their ministries and political careers. So was it wrong for Don to lead the DNC in prayer? NO! I believe that he served to balance America’s outlook on public religious figures and to refocus the eye of the world off religious rhetoric, and place it back onto the issues that all people care about. Let me know what you guys think!


~ by Tim Kurek on September 14, 2008.

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