Some articles/blogs to check out!

In the past two days, The Evolution of God has gotten over 1,500 hits and 50 comments, but has also dropped over 3 million spots on Technorati, and out of several million blogs posted on October 16th, was rated number 81! The above links are why…



~ by Tim Kurek on October 17, 2008.

One Response to “Some articles/blogs to check out!”

  1. Hey there. The name’s Alan and I stumbled onto your site literally 25 seconds ago.

    I was surfing the Web looking for a wallpaper for my phone, and I saw one that distressed me. It basically called Christ a “Jewish Zombie” and Eve a “rib-woman.” Upon further inspection, I realized it was an image from a blog, and I read the majority of the comments on there.

    First off, I have to say that you represented Christ very well. It breaks my heart to see how misled and lost so many people are.

    I just felt like sharing that with another believer. I pray that you will continue shining Christ’s light to those around you and that He would be glorified. As a 16-year old, it’s very motivating and encouraging to see others on fire for God.

    Perhaps we may even see each other in Heaven someday. Who knows?

    In Him,
    Alan, a doulos of Christ

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