Book update!

          For a while now I have known that the title of my book is going to be “The Day I Killed Jesus”… I even have the copyright on it now. But for a while I have struggled to decide what the subtitle would be… Until the other day, that is. So without further delay, here is a cheesy picture revealing it to all! And here is the revised intro hook… Let me know what you think!

Title & Excerpt ©Timothy Kurek 2008

          “I was born into fundamentalism just as babies of crack addicted mothers are born into drugs. It was unfortunate and the residual effects still haunt me. In a lot of ways I wish my mom had been addicted to drugs instead of being infected by an infinitely more toxic faith, but through it Jesus has saved me, and this is the story of how I was rehabilitated. Like so many stories it begins with me in captivity. Then I escaped, and in so doing, I ended up meeting Jesus. What He offered me was unlike anything I had heard while I had been held captive, but when He called to me, I wasn’t ready. I hated His perfection, but inside I knew it wasn’t because I hated Him, it was because I didn’t feel worthy enough to accept what He was offering me. A chance for life. A chance for freedom. A chance for peace. And before accepting those things, I knew I would have to accept something much more sobering. I was terrified of what acknowledging the truth would mean, the truth that the blood of Jesus was on my hands. This is the story of how I got to that day. The day I pleaded guilty… The Day I Killed Jesus. And these are my confessions.”

                Any thoughts??? Let me know! It is an exciting thing to have the title of one’s first major book decided upon… And I can’t wait to post some preview paragraphs. If anyone has any questions, let me know!

 Title & Excerpt ©Timothy Kurek 2008

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~ by Tim Kurek on April 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Book update!”

  1. Looking great Tim. Keep up the great work.

  2. This is just shock and awe. It’s standard of the book writing industry. Let’s just see how we can shock people into getting them to buy a book.

    It’s sad that people confuse Fundamentalism and Legalism as the same thing. It’s almost ignorant.

  3. Marcus, thank you for commenting! You are the reason I am writing this book!


  4. Well, one of the reasons… Because I love you bro and no matter what differences of opinion we may have, you are still my brother in Christ and that is all that matters.


  5. Looks real good! It has a nice catchy intro. Nice positive responses also. Books should capture our attention because they are like anything else out there. If something doesn’t grab us within the few first seconds then we are on to the next thing. Your intro has my attention.

  6. I understand what you’re trying to say Marcus, but you are splitting hairs. Sure – Fundamentalism in the classical sense has nothing to do with dogmatic legalism, but who in this day and age sees uses the term fundamentalism in that sense? Hardly anybody. I doubt even Liberty University would want the term attached to their school anymore.

    I am sure that in the context Tim is using the word that he is referring to Fundamentalism in the sense that it is used today – not classically.

    And I would also assume that he would expound upon (even if briefly) what exactly he means in using the term in his book…

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