“The Day I Killed Jesus”… Update

        I just wanted to thank everyone for ALL the e-mails inquiring about my new book! Work has slowed because of school and my preparations for my upcoming move to Texas, but I am still tackling it piece by piece. The one question I have been getting more than any other in these e-mails is,

        “Are you ever going to post any previews to your book on Uriah?”

        So I decided that tonight I would post the tentative “Intro Hook”. I know it will probably evolve from what it is right now, but I thought I would go ahead! Be kind haha, it’s a very rough draft and will be going massive revision before I even submit it to my publishing agent… This is merely a preview. Comments are welcome!

The Day I Killed Jesus: Facing the Cross Unmasked in the Postmodern World

© Timothy Kurek 2008

        “For a long time I was a prisoner of the church and the true knowledge of God eluded me. I went whenever my parents made me go, and participated in all of the programs and fundraisers, youth group events and student ministries that our church had to offer. In so doing I entirely missed the heart of the faith I was so radically “living” for. When I was old enough I made my escape and never wanted to look back. The barbed wire fences and dank prison cells of religion repelled me. Soon I discovered that I wasn’t alone. I ran so far that I ended up meeting Jesus, and what He offered me was unlike anything I had heard while I was held captive. He called to me, but I wasn’t ready. I hated His perfection, but inside I knew it wasn’t because I hated Him, it was because I didn’t feel worthy enough to accept what He was offering me. A chance for life. A chance for freedom. A chance for peace. And before accepting those things, I knew I would have to accept something much more sobering. I was terrified of what acknowledging the truth would mean, the truth that the blood of Jesus was on my hands. This is the story of how I got to that day… The Day I Killed Jesus.”

© Timothy Kurek 2008

To contact: timkurek@gmail.com




~ by Tim Kurek on April 10, 2008.

4 Responses to ““The Day I Killed Jesus”… Update”

  1. i like it! Esp the bottom half! Could actlly make a really good song..lol. still tryin to formulate that one though! ha..don’t worry, i’ll give you the copyright when it’s finished. Ah hah, a better idea!..you could just write it for me and speed up the process! 🙂 ..what’s that you say! “typical”…i know!


  2. Haha I enjoyed that first comment from “guess who”. It made me laugh. But back to this intro! TIM! It SUCKED…me in, lol. No in all seriousness, it was very very well written. I was able to relate completely. I think it is very compelling and it made me dread reaching the last sentence…You have a God-given gift hun 😉 I cant wait to read more of it!!! 🙂

  3. I feel like the two comments above were written by my fellow gender… we Girls are funny! I’m 23 and in my third year of nursing school… Just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration and from everything I have read and your video blog, are so insanely adorable… hmm… I mean handsome! I am praying for you and hope you understand how much the Lord has given you. Will you send me a free copy of your book when its out if I give you a kiss? XOXOXO!!! I’ll e-mail you my phone number. Call me if you want to.

    Your biggest fan,

  4. Hey girls! Thanks for the comments! As you can tell if you know me, “guess who” is my ex jacqui lol… girl number two is my ex from when i was six, kimmy, and is the cutest girl in the entire world! and Girl number three…. well I dont exactly know you, but thanks for the compliment! I guess youve got my e-mail addy… feel free to stalk me if you want!


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