Personal Mission Statement

Who I am…

          I am a man. Not a young man, not a boy, not a child… I am a man, and no one will tell me I am less. God does not define manhood by age, nor does he determine wisdom from experience. I have survived every storm that the world has thrown at me, and can withstand any more that it wills because God is with me. I will meet my potential, I will live by honor, and I will forsake those who do not aid me in my cause. I was never meant to be what people have tried to make me daily, and I will no longer stand in the shadows of my accusers. Like Job I will rejoice in tribulation. Like David I will be a man after Gods own heart. Like Sampson I will be strong and will tear the gates off the foundations of my homeland. Like Moses, I will lead millions and be used to do miracles. Like Solomon I will be wise. Like Uriah I will not betray those loyal to me by being enticed with pleasures during times of war. Like the disciples I will follow Jesus. Like Paul I will not only witness with words, but also with my actions. And like John, I will be the one that Jesus loves. These men lived by faith, so shall I now live by faith, so I can take up their mantle in an ever increasingly wicked world. God has saved me, has stood at my side with me and helped me to conquer the flesh, has taught me to love the unlovable, has taught me that a mundane life is not for me. So from here on out I acknowledge the Lord as my King, and will do what He commands of me. No longer am I Tim Kurek the defeated child, now I am Tim Kurek the man, and defender of the Kingdom of Heaven.


 What I believe…

          I believe in the Bible, the sanctified, perfect word of God. I believe that every word of my Bible is true, every thought inspired directly by God to the authors and heroes of our faith. I believe that man sinned and fell from fellowship with the Lord in the garden, but by faith in Jesus Christ, by the atonement of the cross and belief that Jesus rose three days after death, we can have eternal fellowship with the Lord. I believe that faith alone saves, and works are a product of that faith. A man will not get to heaven by doing good works, but will be shown as heaven-bound by his works. I believe that at the moment of salvation the Holy Spirit indwells our hearts and bonds Himself to our soul. With God inside of me I can do anything. I believe that with faith I can move mountains, heal the sick, and do whatever, whenever, and however I need to do, if the Lord wills it to be so. I believe that the Bible is my weapon, that its power is simple to use and with God’s help even simpler to control. I believe that no one, including the devil, has any power over me, and that with the tools given to me at salvation I become a chosen warrior for Christ. I believe that now as a believer it is my job to create fishers of men and to spread the hope of Jesus. I believe God has given His chosen children tools, which are meant to be used to expand the Kingdom of God, and are also meant to be used for His glory… These are my beliefs. I will live by them, share them with others and die by them. And I have faith that when I reach heaven’s gate the Lord will say “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Our lives were given to us to be used magnificently, so that we might seize the day, and shout a war cry as we head forward into battle. Let us not die from an arrow in the back, but rather let us shake the earth with the love and fury of the Lord as we plunge forward into the mayhem!


2 Responses to “Personal Mission Statement”

  1. The line about the arrow in the back reminds me of Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Have you read it? When Christian receives his armor from God, it only covers his front, not his back. It is designed for going forward into battle, not for retreating.

    God bless your purposes and guide your work.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment! I greatly appreciate the time you took to read some of my humble writing. Hope that you were blessed and continue to be blessed in the future! Check back later. I will be writing a new post shortly!


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