Bad Debating Techniques In Action!

          It’s not often that I like to use Uriah to speak about politics, the media, etc, but after watching a few videos on-line I had to make an observation.

          The political commentator from Fox News, Bill O’Reilly has to be one of the most evil men I have ever watched on TV. His interview style is identical to Steve Wilkos- yes Jerry Springer’s old chief of security, “the bald guy”, got his own tv show- on the Steve Wilkos show. I actually think I respect Steve more…

          Here’s why!

          In this first clip you see Bill talking to Barney Frank. The topic is the $700 billion dollar financial collapse of several companies the government is now having to bail out. Do I disagree with Bill? No. But his tone and speaking style make me lose all respect for him and his message.

          The second clip is even more terrifying to me because he is not just representing conservatives, he is also representing Christians. Watching this makes me shake… Is it not possible to let people talk on your show Bill? YUK! Once again this is an example of me agreeing with most of what he says but upset by how it’s said.


          What do you think? Did Bill overstep his bounds or did he just vocalize what you are thinking? Let me know…

~ by Tim Kurek on October 9, 2008.

One Response to “Bad Debating Techniques In Action!”

  1. I feel that his opinions were closer to my own but his delivery was quite overbearing and ignorant. I agree with the message, and I disagree with the messenger. Good blog, Mister Tim.

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