Reality Check…

          Today I woke up to a harsh reality. Christianity has become a “buffet” of beliefs as opposed to a way of life and Christians are doing nothing but trying to rationalize the sin that they wish to continue in, and build their faith around it. The fundamentalist church and the emergent church are engaged in a civil war. Are both wrong? I believe so yes. Are both right? I believe so yes. Simply put, there are truths to both sides but the biggest similarity present is that neither side seems to possess balance.

          I’ve written a few blogs on here and have sat back in wonder at some of the responses. Christians, trying to rationalize and justify their fornication? You can’t! Wake up! Stop picking and choosing what you believe and either accept it all in faith, knowing that every part fits together to create a big picture, or reject the faith entirely. Some of you might say, “Is he actually telling people to de-convert?” And the answer is YES, if you are not willing to give it your all, then you become just another counterfeit that reflects badly on Christ. Honestly, we are all a bunch of heathens that deserve to rot in hell, and I just have to sit back and praise God for His complete mercy on us in our fallen state. If I were Him, I would destroy us all and start over. Who would care? He’s God and we aren’t. But I guess that’s why I am not Him and He is.

          I will never apologize or sidestep my faith in the word of God, and I will never sit back and try to rationalize and marginalize my sin. If I sin, I will man up and own it. I wish that my fellow Christians would do the same thing. Thank you to those who have stood firm and given me glimpses of reality when I was too weak to stand up.

          (Sorry for the bleak nature of this blog, I just had to put this out there. I may be considered an emerging Christian, but I am still a firm believer in the word and Christ first and foremost, and that means admitting that we are a dang mess!)


~ by Tim Kurek on October 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Reality Check…”

  1. here here! Good post.

    I think we have a big problem in the evangelical church in that we have separated made salvation about conversion of belief, rather than following Christ. Yet Christ never asked for people to believe in Him. He asked people to drop it all and follow Him (which, of course, requires huge amounts of belief).

    We need more people who have the guts to say that following Christ in action is NOT optional. And that salvation from sin is actually found in following Him. What point is it to believe the truth yet still sin? What have you been saved from?

    Thankfully though it is the love of God and His offer of forgiveness that comes first. Even if we do sin he will be there to help us. But His love inspires our love. And our love means obedience far beyond what any law can ask for.

  2. great pics, man. where do you get ’em? thanks for the link to Wrecked!

  3. Got the pics off of stumble… Good stuff!

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