I would love to feel the peace of this place in my heart right now… It seems that just “being” is a something I have gotten wrong for a long time because I’ve tried to be as opposed to just being.

          “Being” is action-less. It is not a verb. It’s the core state of who we are. It’s undefinable. It’s untraceable, and psychologists and pastors alike can not possibly pin it down because it is bigger than they are. “Being”, I believe, is that small part of God in us, that makes us unique from all others. When we are just being, we are separated from the ego within us that tries to change circumstance and manipulate the life around us.

          This is how I believe Paul was able to be so content while imprisoned. Paul learned how to just be in Christ, and to just live life in that “being”.          

           I wish I could put my mind around this concept more than it is… It’s out there I know, but even pondering it has done amazing things for my prayer life.

          So what does “being” mean to you? Have you thought at all about what things would be like if your life wasn’t run by the ego and instead by the core of who you are?


~ by Tim Kurek on September 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Being…”

  1. I enjoyed your blog about “being”. Even though I’m an atheist, it still resonated with the Taoist in me.

  2. As Melissa said… Wow. That is straight New Age/Buddhism/Mysticism.

    No wonder the Atheist enjoyed it.

  3. Marcus, are you telling me that belief in “ex nihilo” creationism, a talking snake tempting Eve, the parting of the red sea, act of one man building an arc that would survive a global flood, the destruction of a mighty nation resulting from people marching around its walls, and the death and resurrection of a God-man, and you say you aren’t a mystic? Shame on you.

    I’ll take a quote from Rob Bell, just to egg you on a little bit…

    “Doctrine is can a wonderful servant, or a horrible master.”

    Now do you want to re-think your comment? Marcus you are a slave to doctrine and I dare say, a mystic as much as any mystic you could ever meet.

    And just like you got owned by Sapien, I would be careful about being so critical towards atheists. They have the right to believe whatever they want, and as this blog demonstrates, spiritual truth resonates even with them.

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