Public Service Announcement… Please Be Advised!

         (NOTE: This blog is specifically targeting a certain kind of church, and certain kinds of people. It is mean to be serious with a hint of humor, and is in no way stating that church is bad and that you shouldn’t go to church. There is strength in numbers, numbers of likeminded and faithful people, but there is also danger. The danger is that we can be too much like sheep at times and not enough like the church we are supposed to be according to Acts. I encourage you to spend as much time with people like-minded to yourselves as possible, but NEVER so much time that you forget about those that need to know Christ. For further explanation please read the Bible (Acts 2), and the informative book, “UnChristian” by David Kinnaman. Both will shed some insight into this illness.)
          The act of church to me passes like the burning of a cigarette, the smoke and toxic fumes, like traditional church, become more dangerous by the minute. And guess what folks? Addicts being born Sabbath after Sabbath! No they are not becoming more and more addicted to God. It’s religion! Note: religion is the catalyst for a much more malignant and heinous disease than cancer could ever conceive of being.

Symptoms displayed by the disease infected include (but are not limited to):

  • Abrasiveness,
  • Pride,
  • An intense desire to label everything and everyone around them as “emergent”, “Heretical”, “Hell-bound” or “liberal”
  • Consistent hypocrites
  • A phobia of all homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, etc…
  • A phobia of what is different
  • A love of “all you can eat” buffets
  • A tendency to vote republican

          Okay, okay… being a republican is not a sin. Jesus wasn’t a republican or a democrat. But to get to the point, in all seriousness people, religion is more antithetical now to authentic spirituality than it has ever been and the world has definitely noticed. No longer is “Christianity” the act of following Christ, it has become, however, the act of being infected with the above symptoms. Any who disagree should google Christianity, watch TV, read a newspaper or talk to any group of people outside the church. Just look around and see how the epidemic has touched everyone you will ever meet!

          Speaking of labeling, a friend of mine, who just so happens to be suffering from the above symptoms- yes all of them- recently labeled himself on Facebook (next to his religious status) as a, “Reformed Southern Baptist, presuppositional ‘FUN’-damental, anti-emergent, conservative Christian” Why? What does that mean? I know what those words mean but why not just say “I love Jesus” or “Christ follower”? You can try to dress up your belief system with all kinds of pseudo-intellectual terminology but just remember that a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig and labels are the devices of ignorant delusions. Knowing the technical jargon of the Bible means nothing if that knowledge is coupled with pride or abrasiveness. All is vanity, apart from Christ, so in other words…It’s all lipstick!

If one desires in his heart to be protected from the debilitating disease of religion, God recommends the following precautions/ remedies be taken:

  • Love God and honor His love for you daily
  • Love all people, whether pastors or prostitutes
  • Serve all people
  • Own your faith and let it guide you to the truth of the Bible
  • If you must label yourself, label yourself you
  • Enjoy the occasional “church” of a quiet Sunday morning in bed, with your Bible and silence (You can always tithe a dinner or two to a homeless man during the week!)
  • Avoid the “all you can eat” buffets every once in a while and order salads instead
  • Occasionally vote for a democrat (they need love too!)

          This has been a public service announcement from Uriah Ministries… Please be advised!




~ by Tim Kurek on September 12, 2008.

7 Responses to “Public Service Announcement… Please Be Advised!”

  1. Dude/Dudette;

    You never know theses days whether your talking to a male or female, so I chose both…

    You call this site a brotherhood of believers, but one must do more than just believe in something, he/she must act upon it…Being a Christian is a life changing experience; We will not walk like the world walks, we will not talk like the world talks, we will not dress like the world dresses…We are to separate ourself’s from this world….

    Religion has become defiled just as Christians have become defiled in their belief of what a true Christian is…

    Jas 1:26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.

    That is, if he does not restrain his tongue, his other evidences of religion are worthless. A man may undoubtedly have many things in his character which seem to be evidences of the existence of religion in his heart, and yet there may be some one thing that shall show that all those evidences are false. Religion is designed to produce an effect on our whole conduct; and if there is any one thing in reference to which it does not bring us under its control, that one thing may show that all other appearances of piety are worthless.

    Jas 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

    The object of the apostle is to describe what enters essentially into religion; what it will do when it is properly and fairly developed. The phrase “pure religion” means that which is genuine and sincere, or which is free from any improper mixture.

    And undefiled before God and the Father – That which God sees to be pure and undefiled.

    Is this – That is, this enters into it; or this is religion such as God approves. The apostle does not say that this is the whole of religion, or that there is nothing else essential to it; but his general design clearly is, to show that religion will lead to a holy life, and he mentions this as a specimen, or an instance of what it will lead us to do. The things which he specifies here are in fact two:

    (1) that this has always been regarded as an essential thing in true religion; because
    (a) it is thus an imitation of God, who is “a father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows in his holy habitation,” Psa 68:5; and who has always revealed himself as their friend, Deu 10:18; Deu 14:29; Psa 10:14; Psa 82:3; Isa 1:17; Jer 7:7; Jer 49:11; Hos 14:3.

    (b) Religion is represented as leading its friends to do this, or this is required everywhere of those who claim to be religious, Isa_1:17; Deu 24:17; Deu 14:29; Exo 22:22; Job 29:11-13.

    (2) Where this disposition to be the real friend of the widow and the orphan exists, there will also exist other corresponding things which go to make up the religious character. This will not stand alone. It will show what the heart is, and prove that it will ever be ready to do good. If a man, from proper motives, is the real friend of the widow and the fatherless, he will be the friend of every good word and work, and we may rely on him in any and every way in doing good.

    And to keep himself unspotted from the world – Compare the Rom 12:2 note; James 4:4 note; 1John 2:15-17 note.

    That is, religion will keep us from the maxims, vices, and corruptions which prevail in the world, and make us holy. These two things may, in fact, be said to constitute religion.

    If a man is truly benevolent, he bears the image of that God who is the fountain of benevolence; if he is pure and uncontaminated in his walk and deportment, he also resembles his Maker, for he is holy.

    If he has not these things, he cannot have any well-founded evidence that he is a Christian; for it is always the nature and tendency of religion to produce these things.

    It is, therefore, an easy matter for a man to determine whether he has any religion; and equally easy to see that religion is eminently desirable. Who can doubt that that is good which leads to compassion for the poor and the helpless, and which makes the heart and the life pure?

    May you have a Blessed day;


  2. Oh I feel ya man. I think you are going through a heavy dose of detox. It happens to all of us who grew up in churches when our eyes are opened to all the problems we didn’t see before. Seems to last a couple of years. But eventually you make peace with the Church and try to work with her (she’s a whore, but she’s our mother).

    Or at least I hope I am not being presumptuous. But it seems to be a very common phase for Christians as they turn into Christ followers. I spent several years away from Christianity all together. Now I am a different kind of follower. I had some real powerful righteous anger built up against the old system too.

    But now I know that ultimately the finger must be pointed at me. I am where any change begins. Churches are filled with the worst kind of sinners. You’ve gotta love them. Christ wants to save them. And amongst them you’ll find a few gems. Always keep an eye out for those few.

    I love you man. Posts like this make me smile. They make me think of the awesome ways God takes us on our own crazy journeys and the way he forces us to love. Churchlings are easy to hate. God will teach you to love them. Then they wont know what hit them! Of course by then you’ll be the trouble maker telling them to sell their sound system and give the money to the poor (I have a few stories on that sort of thing).

    If you get a chance some of the earlier posts on my blog are like this. Detox. Getting the anger off my chest. Soon that anger will be really useful. I just pray that you don’t hurt any relationships by being too personal with any of your attacks.

    Of course, I could be completely off base and making an ass of myself. But I’ve seen the way you’ve been changing whilst you have been posting this blog. I think this is defineately detox time for you. Googling “Church Detox” could be good.


  3. I’m in the middle of reading unChristian, which is basically a 200+ page version of this blog (except it doesn’t claim that church is a problem). I don’t really get the all you can eat buffets I assume thats a joke. I don’t label myself with any denomination… I go to a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, but even that was originally a communion of multiple denominations to do missions. Even the label of Christian has been flushed down the toilet. But I don’t think religion causes any of that… our sinful nature is the root of the problem. We are taught to love God and honor God through church and to love… through religion we learn how to be spiritual. Through people, such as our close friends and parents, we learn to be bigots. I learned to be anti-homosexual not through the church (I’ve only been going to church for 4.5 years) I learned it from my dad and my friends that weren’t church goers. I’m trying my best to recover and to look at gays the same way as anyone else. I agree these are certainly problems in the church, but church certainly isn’t the problem. The problem is the lack of spiritual growth, ignorance, and sin within the church… not religion or the church itself.

  4. Thank you all for your comments! I would like to say this though… This blog was a light-hearted way at poking fun of the obvious problems within the church. I love a lot of churches, as long as they aren’t advocates of women with huge pink hair asking for money, or apoo from the quickie mart “slaying me in the spirit”.

    Sometimes we take things very seriously. In the case of most of my responses thus far, I see I may not have conveyed well enough the attitude which I meant to display.

    SO for the record… I love my church, I love a lot of churches, but I hope that all of us are remembering that we need to be working faithfully not to allow our churches to be the “whore” as the old saying Adam used goes, and to work with the people around us towards a better place.

    Also, “Detoxing” from church is an illusion emergents have used to shift responsibility from us to the church… The church is within us, so the change must first happen from within and I know that most of you guys will agree with me on that!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Tim Kurek

  5. Wow. All I can say is that you hit the nail on the head with this blog post Tim. Religion at its core, the belief in God and willingness to follow his principles, is beautiful. Yet the same world that we try to walk “uncontaminated” through as we do His work is the very thing that impedes that work. We’ve spent too much time wrapping our minds around what a “true Christian” is, and if someone doesn’t fit that mold to a T then they are perceived as un-religious or misled. Favor abortion rights? Must not be Christian. Gay? Must not be a Christian. And god forbid you’re a different religion, you’re definitely going to Hell! In my mind, however, we should spend our time focused on making sure we are meeting the requirements of what we individually believe that to be, and leave the judgment of everyone else up to Christ. So the person sitting next to you in church might not be perfect… but then again, who of us is?

  6. Bridget,

    Thanks for commenting! I agree with a lot of what you say, but I have to say this… The Bible is the authority on certain things. Abortion is murder, homosexuality (while I have many friends who have chosen that lifestyle for themselves, and I love them) is sin, and regarding the other religions… That’s up to God. That is what I believe, I just refuse to force it on you as someone who believes differently. Just thought I would weigh in on your comment. Love you girl!


  7. i agree with alot that you all say and i myself have no friends except for older ones but i dont care because i rather have friends for me and not friends who are rude and mean to me but any ways good to talk with you all

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