Do you really trust God? That is to say, if a loved one or friend is heading astray do you really trust that God will protect, admonish, and deliver that person? OR do you say you trust Him and do what you can, in your own power to bring that person to a place you think they should be?

          This past week a relative flew in from California to spend some time with us and though I said I trusted God to help this person out of a bad situation, it was quickly proven that I didn’t. To see someone hurting and being hurt so badly rips at the very seems of who I am, and who I believe most of us are, but how do we say our piece and leave the rest to the Architect of the situation? There are countless verses in the Bible telling us to trust the Lord and not to be anxious about anything, but is that really possible?

          Being in a place personally right now, where I don’t feel too comfortable to write much of my own thoughts or beliefs, I just wanted to pose the question to you… Do you really trust God with yourself, the people in your lives, your finances, and your future? Are you able to rest in the promises God has laid out so beautifully in the Bible?

          If so, and if you have ANY insight into this topic please leave a reply and let others know how you may have gained victory over any one of these questions.


~ by Tim Kurek on September 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Trust…?”

  1. Before I can trust god, I must have a defenition of god. Is God a bearded kindly old man, who sits on a throne in heaven, and rules the world? This was my first understanding of god as a child. Today I wouldnt trust that concept if my life depended upon it. So where Is my understanding now?

    Well if god exists then god is real. So If I want to find god all i have to do is start looking at reality. Everywhere I look there is reality. There is reality inside and outside. Awsum. Trouble is that I sometimes think my inner reality is the only reality there is. This is when I get cut off from the rest of god. I start to make things up, I daydream and create a world inside my head. This world does exist, but is limited to that space between my ears.

    The laws of nature are the laws of god. They cannot be broken. More, I think that a lot of these laws have yet to be discovered. They exist, but who knows of them. The laws in my fantasy world keep changing, to meet my whim.
    I watched a loved one literaly destroy her life with booze and dope. 12 surgeries ending with a illiostomy, liver shunt, artifical hip, ruptured spleen, pancreatitis. to name a few. It was like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

    But I was powerless to stop it. Mainly because I did not know what was happening. She did not act the way I had been taught people should act. Well, I was never taught the truth about human beings anyways. Human beings will fantasize, create and believe almost anything, and further more will stubbornly refuse to admit they are wrong.

    She believed she was 10 foot tall and bullet proof. I believed I knew how to help. Today I am a bit more humble. I admit I do not know much. THis lead the way to learning. I now have intrest. God is all around us every minute and every day and every hour. This force is with us all the time and needs only to be discovered. True, some of it can be found in books, like the bible, and some of it in bloggs. like this. But the main thing is to admit I dont know all the answers, and further admit that I havent even scratched the surface of knowing what god is.

  2. Hey Tim, nice to see you posting again. Your section of my RSS feed was getting old…

    I’m learning (verb) to trust God. I have come a long way.

    There is a quote on the wall of a friend of mine that says: “Peace comes from knowing God is good and in control.”

    I guess that is it. If you believe God is good, and if you believe He is ultimately in control then you can relax a bit.

    I think it helps to trust Him when you know there is no alternative as well.

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