To the Vipers…

          As most of you can see I haven’t been writing much over the past two months, which is unusual considering that I love blogging and the dialogue that is produced between me and the handful of readers that I have. But that seems to be the key word isn’t it? Dialogue? Lately I have had too many debates… No… Arguments. I dare not call what my critics have tossed at me something as intellectually stimulating as a debate. And now, it has all come full circle.

          Many I have met that have a good spiritual head on their shoulder have said something very similar to me. “When I stopped debating a new world opened up to me.” The owners of these words have been Spirit inspired pastors, authors, and fellow journeymen/women in the faith that have recognized the futility of wasting breath debating fruitless topics, and have proactively taken on the darkness in this world using words and actions of love.

          Lately a few regulars to my blog have begun critiquing and criticizing every entry so as to start “debates”. And in a few cases, it has worked. I am ashamed to say that in a few recent blogs I have allowed myself to be “taken away” into what I Timothy 1 says are “vain discussions” with people who would rather teach the law, not understanding what they are teaching, than to love others, which is the greatest way we can show we love the Lord.

          No more. I am through with these debates, I am through trying to change what people believe, and I am through with the children of dissent, the brood of vipers.

          I have learned something about these people over the past few years, the most pertinent lesson being that these rabble-rousers treat their faith and how they share it with a bumper sticker mentality. This is a picturesque way of saying that they wish to teach, teach, teach others without learning how to learn, learn, learn about the souls they are talking at. It is a one sided and arrogant conversation that alienates others from the beautiful freedom we have in Christ and takes the person out of salvation. I dream of the day when being “right” is not the churches focus, and Christ and His passionate love for us on the cross, is. When the truth of Christ desperately wanting a relationship with His children is pounded into our heads so much that we forget the evangelical message of fire and brimstone and adopt the message of the cross, the message of ultimate love, then we will be making fishers of men and not a bunch of “tithers” that have “fire insurance” bought by fear! This is where the wolves will jump in. And to them I say, YES we are not deserving, and YES God hates sin… But I refuse to follow your god, a god that hates me because in ignorance I didn’t know Him.

          I believe that a great lie in the modern day church is that only the “saved” are His children. Men and women alike all carry the image of Christ, no matter how perverse and how depraved. A recent example of this was my blog about George Carlin’s passing. I was disgusted to surf the blogosphere and read that evangelical Christians were only saying cynical and mean spirited things about a man who was hurting and lashed out at those who were making the problem worse. Oh how easily we forget that he was crafted inside his mother’s womb just as we were, or that He had God given gifts just as we do. It sickens me to see that the modern day church teaches such an elitist and caste like mentality that is built on a foundation of pride. Have you entered a fundamental church lately my friends? Have you heard that the gospel is now an Us versus Them document as opposed to a love letter from the Almighty to any that would listen? Shame… Shame on those that would teach the law of grace with such a bitter venom dripping from their lips! Shame to you children of dissent that seek out arguments with more enthusiasm then you seek to help the needy and helpless! Shame on you for having the words of love at your disposal, choosing rather to impart fear than to free souls from the pit! Do you not remember that perfect love casts out all fear?! Do you not remember that a gentle answer turns away wrath, that it is folly to so carelessly point out the splinter in another’s eye when you could potentially have a plank in yours? Do you not remember that the aim of our charge is LOVE?

          So with this I end the debates, my love for engaging others so as to prove them wrong. I will no longer play these childish games, especially on this blog. Life is not about arguing or debating another person into believing as you believe, its about loving others and allowing the Spirit of the Lord to work through you so as to create a tangible image of Him. Christ walked the highways and byways and taught that we were supposed to return good for evil. I pray I will be able to walk worthily in that noble calling. I will continue to dialogue, but at the first hint of uncivil discourse I will delete any comments that demonstrate an “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude.

          I am a recovering fundamentalist and this is the next step on my path to recovery and to the freedom I am promised through Christ.


~ by Tim Kurek on July 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “To the Vipers…”

  1. Wow, bro! I’m in total agreement.

  2. I guess that discussing this blog would be in vain, but there is a difference between debating for the sake of debating, and passionately believing that American Christianity is all wrong. Watch one Paul Washer sermon, someone who lived not in America and was angry at God for sending him here. Is he a viper? What about on stage when he is crying for the kids to repent of their sins? Is that a viper?

    I think you simply write off passion, as meaningless debate. I want to see you changed, I would love not to have these debates. But the method of sharing the Gospel, is not a minor issue. Peoples souls are in the balance.

    Finally, the bible makes it quite clear what we are before we are saved. Read Ephesians. We are Children of Wrath. I know you do not use inspired scripture to form opinion, just books of modern men. SO I do not expect any concern for your mishandling of scripture.

  3. I am so thrilled that you are my beloved son; I could not have said it better. Love…His love is the Good News!!!

  4. “Jesus: Son, it is safer and more advantageous to you if you keep secret the grace of devotion, that is, do not go about putting on airs, nor speaking boastfully about it, nor esteeming it too highly. In fact, you should despise yourself the more and be somewhat wary, since it has been given to one who does not deserve it. Do not count too heavily upon such holy feelings for you may soon find yourself without them…

    This is the most important and most salutary lesson: to know and to despise ourselves. It is great wisdom and perfection to consider ourselves as nothing and always to judge well and highly of others. If you should see someone commit a sin or some grievous wrong, do not think of yourself as someone better, for you know not how long you will remain in your good state. We are all frail; but think of yourself as one who is more frail than others…

    He is truly great who has abundant charity. he is truly great who is unimportant in his own eyes and considers the greatness of honors a mere nothing. He is truly wise who esteems all earthly things as dung so that he may gain Christ. Finally, he who does God’s will and abandons his own is truly the most learned…

    O God my Truth, make me one with You in eternal love. often I become weary with reading and hearing many things. You are all that I want and desire. Let all teachers be mute and all creation keep silence before You. Speak to me, You, and You alone.”

    ~Thomas a Kempis

    As always Tim, it was great to see you on this Fabulous July weekend. I have always enjoyed what you have to say here. I am only one of many who know you as a dear brother, and as a great friend. See you soon.

  5. Looking forward to more post. Take care Tim.

  6. My first, but certainly not last visit. Could it be that you too are a Christian Hedonist, passionate in what God loves, broken in what makes God weeps?

    I am a refugee of a church of which you speak…abusive, AOG, filled with pride and legalism. Reading John Piper (Desiring God) opened my heart and mind a year ago; I see people like Carlin with fondness instead of contempt.

    Thank you

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