I’ve been thinking a lot about George Carlin since I’ve heard of his passing… He was, to the religious right, a plague upon the earth, but I see something different. The video below depicts this man’s true beliefs on the church, and it makes me so sad. But I wanted to stress some facts I think are important.

          He was created in God’s image… In exercising his creativity he honored God, and no matter where he is now, I am going to miss him. I appreciate Carlin’s intelligence and his cynical sense of humor. He taught critical thinking, even if he took it to a horrible extreme, and that is something that the church has failed to do as of late… We need to think for ourselves and find God in our own personal way! We need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and not try to streamline the process through the pulpit or the overturned bucket on the street, by making it a prayer to a God that thinks were garbage with or without him. I stress this because there are people out there who will tell you that God likes/loves Christians more than George Carlin… That is a lie from the pit of hell. Jesus died for Carlin and desired him every bit as much as for you, me or that crazy fundy that criticises every blog I write! We are all created and bound to each other and God in his love… and unfortunately some people don’t take hold of that love with their lives and lose it to an existence of true isolation. So with that, I ask you to mourn Carlin’s loss as not a positive thing, but a tragic story of a man that couldn’t accept Christ’s limitless love for Him.


         WARNING: The following video is extremely blasphemous and profane… but it’s real and shows who this man really was… I pray he made peace with God before he died… If cursing bothers you, DON’T WATCH!!!!

RIP George Carlin… or in whatever you chose for yourself.


~ by Tim Kurek on June 23, 2008.

13 Responses to “RIP GEORGE CARLIN!”

  1. If men were left on their own to “Find God in a Personal Way” we would be doomed. (None seek after God as the bible says, but ALL seeks after gods)We are not called to nurture or develop the soil the seed lands on, we care simply told to cast seed. God determines where it falls.

    George Carlin had a callous Heart. Unless he was conscious and called out to God for the Salvation of his sins during the last moments of his life…He is suffering terrible eternal agony. Oh how I weep for him as he takes his last breath of air that is not stained with the smell of sulfur as he screams for his life while being tossed away from the Light of the Lord and into utter darkness. Darkness so dark, light cannot penetrate. Like Black liquid in thickness, the light has no glow in there.

    It’s a terrible thought. It should make those who are saved want to scream the cure from the rooftops, from the crosswalks of society and if by some absurd reason, saving souls is not your passion…then I fear you are in just as much danger as George Carlin.

    That fundy.

  2. hehe… Marcus, your vision only includes half of the spectrum, and even that half is distorted. George Carlin was callous, most likely, because he had people harassing him all his life, just like you. Not trying to put you down, just trying to show you that Christians create the “monsters” they are fighting against more often than not. Marylyn Manson is another perfect example… either way, thanks for commenting. Knew you would.

  3. The idea that Christians, who share the Gospel brings people away from God is completely contrary to Scripture. The bible says that we by our own nature HATE God, we don’t hate God because of Christians. I mean really…

    Back up your statements with the Word.


  4. Marcus, sharing the gospel is not wrong… but there are wrong ways to share it, i.e. the ways you force it down peoples throats. Not trying to offend, just being blunt.


  5. Still no Scripture.

  6. I don’t have anything to really contribute to the religious argument here, but I do want to say that it was really great reading words from a dedicated Christian, who was actually embracing Carlin. His art was a gift and he bettered the English language to no end.

  7. …that is if you can resist focusing on his vulgar contribuations

  8. A gift not used for the Glory of God is no gift at all.

  9. That’s your opinion, nothing more.

    I believe in a lot of ways he did honor Christ with his gift.

    Arguing that would be a waste of time, thus leading into my next blog… stay tuned.


  10. Psalm 14:1, 36:!, 53:1, Isaiah 40:28….
    Carlin was created in the image of God, but Carlin was a fool by all appearances. I’m not harassing the man. He’s dead, there’s no point. The true church did not drive Carlin away from the gospel, he plainly shows that he never truly understood the gospel (I John 2:19). Carlin considered himself the ultimate authority in the universe, as is made plain by that video.
    Jesus said that He was the way, the truth, and the light, and that no man comes to the Father but by Him. Telling people Truth plainly is not shoving it down their throats. The gospel is resisted by natural man. Simple fact. Natural man desperately needs to hear the gospel, which means we need to tell them (Romans 10:13-15)

  11. This video clip made me sad because here was a man who knew an awful lot about a religion but couldn’t embrace the relationship Christ was offering him.

    Taking a step back, it must sound ridiculous to non-believers how churches do ask for money, like Jesus needs it. And I also thought he made a valid point about how we treat our friend Jesus, always asking for stuff in the form of prayer. Most of us don’t treat our friends or even our family that way.

    So, would I want the religion that Carlin is talking about here? Absolutely not, and some churches I’ve been in have said exactly what he said (minus the vulgarity). They’ve preached hell, fire, and brimstone, and I often wondered to myself why anyone on the outside would want the religion that we’re offering when I didn’t even want it myself. Now, a relationship with Christ??? That’s a whole different thing. Too bad Carlin couldn’t get past the religious mumbo jumbo and embrace our Abba, Father (Gal. 4:6)

  12. Thank you

  13. Hate and Hatred are very strong words.
    I don´t usually use them.
    If I do, I only do it when talking about “understanding christians”.
    I really hate the way “you christians” “understand” or “forgive”
    George Carlin ment what he said and I pray to god 🙂 that he didn´t
    “make peace” before he died.

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