Goodbye Uprising… #2!

Hey everyone at Uprising!,

          Well, it’s that time of year again… I’m leaving you. I just wanted to write this, as I do every summer before I leave for pest control, and just let you know a few things that have been on my heart for you.

          We have been so blessed. I believe our family is stronger than it has ever been, and thanks to the beautiful vision God has for our church, I know that when I get back we will have many more calling Uprising home! God is not idle… He moves. And He has moved quite a bit since I have been back. Our family has been broken apart and rebuilt, this time much stronger than before, and I feel for the first time that we all have a good idea what our vision and purpose should be as we stand behind Joe and the pastoral staff at UC. I only ask a few simple things from you all.

          1. Obey your pastor. When Joe says, “Go and tell” and bring people to “Come and see”, he means it. It is a Holy Spirit driven mission, and we need to follow that and give the glory to God.

          2. Serve… Serve, Serve, SERVE! So many churches have become useless because they have lost their vision for the community and for the body of Christ. Unify always, and protect each other with everything in you! It should be our honor to bless those around us and bring people into that blessing, by volunteering the resources at our disposal and giving back to God what He has so generously given to us!

          3. I just want you to all know that I love you so much. I feel like I am being ripped away from two families- my blood family, and my spiritual body. Please know that I hold the deepest affection for ALL of you and I can’t wait to see you again this fall!

          4. Please be praying for me. God has laid it on my heart to get some things straightened out in my life so I can better serve Uprising. This internship has been a monumental time in my life to see not only what God has for me, but what I lack and need to improve on so I am more effective for His kingdom. If I do well enough in Texas, I will be able to come back and tithe a year of my life to UC full time, and Lord willing God will use me to be a blessing in your lives. That fact both humbles and blesses me. Thank you for the opportunity to know you and serve you.

          5. Remember that God loves you. He desires you. He waits for you day after day, and nothing is more important than learning how to see yourself as Christ sees you. If we meditate on that love, our paths will become straight. Don’t be “holy” to be “holy”… Be “holy” because you LOVE CHRIST! He has died for you and has given you a home for eternity! What more could he have done??? I long for the day my spiritual family will all understand the beauty of Christ’s love.

          6. Take care of Joe and Pam… They have put their lives on the line for our eternities and that is not to be overlooked! Joe, Thank you so much for the opportunity to know you and Christ’s church. I would be living for myself if you hadn’t spoken to me and asked me to “Come and see”! Your unwavering friendship and devotion to someone even as young and stupid as myself has been a constant source of encouragement and I want you to know that I am praying for you daily. I can’t wait to come back and see what God has for you and I in this partnership of the gospel. Pam, you FRIKKIN ROCK! You have become my church mommy and I love it! Keep living to encourage and minister to your husband. Both of your callings are beautiful and I am blessed to see them!

         So to all I write this final note and say, once again, Thank you! Our lives are but a vapor, and I humbly ask that you decide how you will use that vapor… Will you use it for God, for your church body, or will you use it for yourself, and for vanity. Rev. 3:15… But my main question is this…

          Are you guys ready for the Uprising?


Your servant,

Timothy Kurek



~ by Tim Kurek on May 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Goodbye Uprising… #2!”

  1. Tim
    May God bless you while you are in Texas and I will be praying that God does something amazing in your life in Texas. If you have any prayer concerns please let me know and I will keep you in my prayers, My friend keep your eyes looking up and I know God will bless you. Keep in touch and we will miss until you return to your church family. Love you Christ

  2. For the second time, we bid you farewell for a season. Our prayers are with you as you set out on this venture. Texas is a big ‘ol state, but you’ll love the people there. They are very “Tennessee-like”. But I know what you mean, there is nothing like home. We’ll see you in the fall. We wish and pray for the absolute very best for you, Tim.

    Your UC mommy

  3. Hey Tim! Good luck this summer…. I hope its a productive one in all respects. Thanks for everything you ever said. Really

  4. textured says : I absolutely agree with this !

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