“The Day I Killed Jesus”- Update 3

          So I just completed two major chapters of the book tonight and I feel good about what God has done with them. It was almost bittersweet to save them to my first drafts folder on my desktop, knowing that the next time I really get to work on them is after a publishing house goes through and helps me edit them… That also kinda scares me haha!

          I recently created a myspace for the book, http://www.Myspace.com/thedayikilledjesus, and posted a tentative clip from chapter four on the blog there to see if anyone would check it out and comment… The blog was up for no time at all when I had a fundy acquaintanceof mine come on and criticise it and me. So I decided to post it on here… Gotta love the fundies! As I have said before, keep in mind that this is a very rough draft and will probably be revised or deleted… I just like the moment of stream-of-consciousness writing I had here. What do you guys think?

        “I’ve always wondered what love is. I think, maybe, love is like controlled chaos because when I think of love I see perfection, and I see the God that created everything that is, and treasures everything we could be. I think love is like a breeze. It comes by and wakes you up to the scenery around you, and it doesn’t ever let you take things for granted. Everyone has always told me that God is love, but I think that, that is backwards. I think love is God. Why else is it so hard to comprehend? Love is so much bigger than us, but it’s beautiful. Just as I can’t see the breeze, I can’t see love, but I know that both exist and both make me smile no matter where I am when they find me. Is it possible that wondering what love is might just be love, that the search for the current and for the breeze is the act of submission that God is looking for in us the most? Leaving the mysteries to God, but seeking them all the same may seem contradictory, but living to grow is art. And love is art. I one day dream to walk through a gallery of people, hungry for the breeze. Then maybe I will be able to know what love really is.”

Title & Excerpt ©Timothy Kurek 2008

          So, if you haven’t already, add the new myspace profile and check it out as you get some time. Most of the people on myspace will be my test readers throughout this process, so if you are interested, add me!


~ by Tim Kurek on April 30, 2008.

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