First Video Blog!

          Alrighty, it’s short, and rough, but this was more of a test than anything… I am stoked it worked! Also know this is more of a talk than a “message”… I will be doing more soon!


~ by Tim Kurek on April 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “First Video Blog!”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that this video was a real encouragement! The calmness in your tone of voice and your total sincerity was SO refreshing! When is your book coming out? I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I’m reading all your blogs and am blown away that a 21 year old is so spiritually there… I’m 26 and am not even remotely there. Anyways post more videos!


    p.s. I have to mention you look like that guy off King of Queens… just a lot cuter!

  2. Lol Thanks so much for the comment! I can honestly say that was a seriously encouraging comment… You rock Gracie!


    p.s. I get the Kevin James thing ALL THE FRIKKIN TIME!

  3. Tim, you’re really an amazing dude. Even though you usually don’t pay any attention to me what so ever you’re still an amazing follower of Christ and really see what a lot of other Christians don’t normally see, and really seeing that even though you are a Christian you don’t feel the major satisfaction of what others may believe they feel. And I am struggling to spend 5 minutes with God a day, when you seem to just be devoting a lot of your time with Him, learning more and more about Him. Thank you for bringing more hope to the public.

  4. Thank you for the encouragement… Listen, I checked out your Xanga, and you say you are strongly in favor of God… If you are then why is it so hard to live for Him? Does His blood not constitute enough of a sacrifice for you to give your whole self to Him? You are on the right track! Just keep it up!


  5. about the oprah class! I think intelligent people can pull perfectly good psychological food for thought out of thngs like this! I see the p.c. politics and their caution of pushing religious beliefs and i can thus put my own Truths to it! Yet i agree with the truths that we ARE ONLY a spirit living through this Vessel temporarily. However, we, as Christians, Need to focus our Spiritman on our Creator (and the HOLY SPIRIT LIVING INSIDE OF US) and not ourselves, for salvation!

  6. Shoulda posted this comment on the oprah video blog… BUT just so you know, the best lie is 99% truth. Oprah has heretically opposed Christ now and even though it’s sad cause I like and respect her, I can’t condone her cult of a class. It’s openly blasphemous!!!! So we will have to partly disagree on this topic!


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