Question… “What is Church to You?”


          I am curious to know what everyone thinks church “is”… Is this picture accurate? Is church competition? Is church politics? Is church a Bank? The book unChristian says that 85% of the “unsaved” perceive us to be hypocritical, too political, too focused on competition with other churches, and to money driven… What is church to you?

          I would like for this to turn into a discussion, but either way, just think about what church means to you!

          … Oh yeah, what does church mean to me?



~ by Tim Kurek on April 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Question… “What is Church to You?””

  1. Oh, yeah, my idea of church used to definitely be the top board, but my paradigm shifted several years ago. At this time, Jeff and I got into a community based church that just loved on us and let us lick our wounds. We had just come out of very conservative legalism and were really hurting in every way.

    This community based church was renting an old building that kind of even smelled, but I immediately felt at home. You had to really want to be there. This church began to change when they started talking about buying land and building a building…money became more of an issue…that was kind of sad. However, this was where we learned how to “do community,” so to speak.

    For me, the church is a body of believers that are allowing themselves to be loved by Christ; it’s about community and sharing life together. It’s about being vulnerable, really honest with what’s going on, no matter how ugly.

    (Hey, Tim, I just blogged about being in a revival service…All You Need Is Love… It’s along this same theme.)


  2. A church is a body of “believers”. It’s that simple. It does not need coffee, it does not need amazing music or even dare I say relevancy, if people are saved they will crave sound doctrine. Church is not for the unsaved, if people who are unsaved show up they should be welcomed and appreciated but the service should not be geared towards them at all.

    It saddens me there is all this talk about “Being Hip and cool” in church while people in China and North Korea are risking their lives to meet at someones house just to hear the Word.

    America should be ashamed of what they have turned Church into.

  3. I would agree with Kim. Church is not a building, nor is it a fancy country club. Church is merely one term to describe the body of Christ, which by dwelling on Biblical truth, and the love of Christ, can learn to better witnesses for him to the world.

    It’s also a place where I can get donuts for free. Haha.

  4. Well, church in gereral to me is where people get together to praise and worship The Lord and to fellowship with one another.To lean on friends when times are bad. To not be ridiculed for what your wearing or because your not wealthy. To be able to humble yourself before God and not feel like evveryone is judging you for it. To be able to be yourself and not be ashamed to let it all come out. To be able to give yourself to God and worship and praise him the way the Holy Spirit is moving you and leading you to and not because people are focing you or pressuring you to. But, the cold hard fact of it all, is that most of the churches that you go to now a days are all about who has the most money and why is she doing or wearing that. i have visited several churches with my husband over the past 6 to 8 months trying to find the right one for us and we have gone a couple to a church and usually by the second or third time we always seem to run into gossip in the church and the people who think they have the money so they run the church kinda things. Church is not at all what it should be now a days. That sadens me deeply for me to be able to say that and it be the truth. But, that is what church means to me and what i would like to see in a church!

  5. I once heard a pastor say that a church is really only about two things…Jesus and people. That statement, I believe, is 100% correct. Believers inside the church should be lovin on Jesus and lovin on other people. It is just that simple. The ministries and events that grow out of a church are merely the byproduct of being focused on loving Jesus and people. We corrupt church and keep it from being all that God wants it can be with our own selfish nature and tendencies.

    Great responses from everyone. However I hear more and more of these all too often.

    Tim, good post. Keep up the ‘thought provoking’ work.

  6. Marcus,

    I would heartily disagree with what you just said… We see in Acts that the primary missions within the church was to bring new people into the church. It was missional. Church is for the glory of God and for the lost. Christians are supposed to have “church” every day in the word, not on Sundays.

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