Funny Cartoon!

          I love my church, and I love the fact that for the first time I feel as if my church is not focused on numbers, we are focused on meeting the needs of the lost and our community. But so many churches get their jollies off of the “success” of their organization and not God’s perfect love for us. We forget that love is what changes people and let our insecurities be pacified by what the world considers to be “making it”… David Hayward who I am working with on my book (he will most likely be contributing several cartoons for the different sections) just posted a new drawing… I love it!

           Does this drawing capture the heart of your church, or churches you have been to?


~ by Tim Kurek on March 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Funny Cartoon!”

  1. Funny because it is, sad because its true.

  2. That’s funny. Sad however. The point of the church is to be about God – and His glory. Whether with your family and one other couple in your home or the mega-church – is that happening? – that’s the question.

    I am part of what most would classify as a “small” church – so it may seem that I am biased – but I really think that’s the point. I pray that our congregation grows – but grows because there are more people passionate about bringing glory to the Father!

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