God works EVERYTHING for good…

          It has been several days since I really posted a blog, and a lot has happened. As many of you know I have been on Spring Break. The first several days were spent writing and reading, while staying with my mom in Old Hickory. The next several days were spent in agony, with my best friend going through what has probably been the hardest thing that has ever happened to him… the death of his loving father.

          As I write this I am blown away at how many things happened this week to show how incredible God is. In the good times, the first few days of my break, I felt accomplished and inspired. I wrote an entire chapter that I feel is really going to make a difference in the lives of the people that read it. Then, in the death of Jack Sisson, I was shown how beautiful the love of family and friends are. I learned that taking people for granted is a common mistake that most of us make, and that it is in times of great distress that God shows us the most comfort. More on that later.

           This upcoming week looks to be the hardest academically speaking, that I have had. No, I don’t have any major tests, but I do have a lot of homework and I will be out of town for two days this week so I will be missing a few classes.

           Just a few thoughts…

          Our entire relationship and dynamic we have with God is supposed to be through Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate focus of the word and through His incredible love we have life! Do you really believe God loves you? Be honest. If you don’t please re-read the gospel. God delights in us through His Son. We are the bridegroom of Christ, and He loves us as such! God bless you all.


~ by Tim Kurek on March 9, 2008.

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