Moving into Phase 2!

          As all of you know I am working on my first book, and things are coming along beautifully. The calling to write this has vastly overshadowed any desire I ever had to write a book like this, and that calling is being proven with every day that passes. I wouldn’t even be writing if it weren’t for a few people that have fed the fire of the calling within me.

           Josh Sisson, Pastor Joe Case, Pastor Pete Wilson, Authors Jim Palmer and Rick McKinley, and my pro-bono editor Melinda Mahand, have all kept the fire alive in me with their encouragement and their willingness to help me sharpen my writing into something that, Lord willing, people will want to read. I am baffled that the Lord has placed so many incredible people in my life at this point in time to bring me up into the calling that I feel God has placed on my life. When this book is finished, and when it gets published, it will be because the Lord made it possible even in spite of my weaknesses as a writer, and gave me the encouragement and help of so many incredible people.

           I just got done with Chapter 3 tonight and am kicking back with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I have gotten several pages written on six chapters besides this one and am looking forward to moving into phase two of my Spring Break writing binge.  Tomorrow I am heading back to my buddy Josh’s house to begin work on chapters 1 & 2 and hope that by Saturday I will have both of those done as well. Things are moving along and I am just trying to hold on for the ride.

           I appreciate everyone who has been keeping up with me on this blog. Uriah Ministries is growing, and the ideas are pouring in effortlessly. The Spirit has proven His power and is somehow turning me, a crazy kid, into something much more. I am blown away that He would even use me in the first place, but I won’t question it. I am learning from the people around me and my brain feels exhausted. So thank you to all of you who have been praying for me and supporting me during this hectic transition from childhood into manhood and from writing book reports to books! God bless!


~ by Tim Kurek on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “Moving into Phase 2!”

  1. Hey man, that’s great that you are writing a book. I admire you for this. It sounds very exciting! Thanks for reading my latest blog, I hope it ministered to you.

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