Welcome to the Blogosphere!!!

          I want to welcome two new bloggers to the blogosphere! Both of these men are truly God honoring, warriors for Christ and both have ministries that we all need to pray for!

           *Kevin Hockenbury is the Youth Pastor at Acts 2 Worship Center in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. As most of you know I sold pest control in West Palm for 7 months this past year, and was blessed to make his acquaintance! Acts 2 is an innovative and God glorifying church I began attending while I was there, unfortunately it was a mere month before I left. I wish I had discovered it sooner and had been able to learn more from Kevin and his team! He wrote a blog that I appreciate and I believe I won’t be the only one. Check it out!


          *The second new blogger I wanted to introduce all of you to is my “Step daddy”, Larry Hicks, who also just happens to be a chaplain at the Nashville Rescue Mission. He never ceases to amaze me with just how loving he is to the men down at the mission, and I know that his servant spirit and humble attitude will leave a legacy at the mission for years to come. You can find his blog at:


          I hope and pray that all of you will take a look at both of these blogs and will welcome them to this network of bloggers of which we are all a part!

Joshua 6:16- “Shout! for the Lord has given you the city!”


~ by Tim Kurek on February 28, 2008.

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