UC College/Singles, first day recap!

          As I journey on the highways of life, I am continually amazed at how absolutely great God is. I see His glory when I am living for Him, and I see it that much more clearly when I am living for me. It is in those times of selfish rebellion when I am forced to look up and stand in awe of the mountain before me, the snow covered peaks praising the name of God like a chorus of angelic voices. And it is in those times, as I huddle in the corner of a vast and empty chasm that the mountain takes on the shape of hope and peace within my tattered heart. When I am my weakest, the furious love of Jesus makes itself evident in the most perfect ways, and a Spirit inspired humility washes over me like an avalanche from the mountain, in whose shadow I am crying.


          Today was a day that I stood in awe. I watched a group of college age, young adults come together in the name of the Lord. Some were unsure of themselves, and some were unsure of those around them, even me, and where I had failed in my preparation for such a gathering the Lord took over. I want to thank all of those people who came today, and I want to share with those who weren’t there what the Lord showed us today as we came together corporately to give honor where it is due.


          I can’t begin to describe how nervous I was as I sat in front of my peers. Even the younger teens in the group could see through me, and I knew it. The amazing thing of it was, I felt in our UC College/young adults group, the love of Christ and their total acceptance of God’s calling on my life as a minister of His love. We began humbly, sitting in Starbucks with coffee and each other. And then the Lord answered my prayer. I knew what it was that I wanted to show our group.


          The most beautiful aspect to the body of Christ is the community and family we gain when we enter into the body. A lot of churches or just Christians in general, tear at the body as if they are fighting the enemy. Methodology of worship divides us from our Christian brothers and sisters like a civil war, with every one of us fighting our family members over issues like the method of baptism, the style of worship or style of preaching. Why can’t we agree to disagree, but unite for a common good under the common banner of the Most High? I struggled as I daily witness this war waging within the church, and I feel the sorrow of Jesus as He watches His children squander so many opportunities for fellowship and service. We are a nation of clans, each fighting a battle against a unified enemy, whose soul desire is to destroy us for choosing life over death.


          I related this to our group, and after sharing some basic biblical principles of discipleship and oneness with Christ, I asked a simple question. “For the sake of getting to know each other, will you share your name, the memory of when you became a child of God, and what your biggest struggle is?” So we went around in a circle and I knew it had been the right question. We listened as confessions of addiction, apathy, shyness in sharing the gospel, and cynicism were uttered. One by one we took off our masks. It was an exercise that taught me a lot about the body of Christ, and showed me that what I am learning is practical and radical at the same time.


          After the Bible time we went as a group back down to the church, and I heard from more than one of the group that they felt like they had been a part of something today. It blessed my heart to see members of our group who have never taken the time to get to know each other, begin to speak as friends, and brothers in Christ. I felt so humbled today by what I witnessed and what I was told, and it was total confirmation of the vision behind our church. During church we all sat together and listened as Pastor Joe delivered a powerful and relevant message that was clearly inspired by and given by our loving Father. He talked about the battle for our minds and spiritual warfare. I was convicted and inspired by what the Lord taught me through the message. It was an awesome day!


          For those of you who read this, I encourage all of you to come join our college/singles group at 9am Sunday mornings! We are located in the Bellevue YMCA on Highway 100, behind Starbucks. For any information please feel free to call me at 561-317-2535, or e-mail me at tmk2p@mtsu.edu.  


~ by Tim Kurek on February 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “UC College/Singles, first day recap!”

  1. […] admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMethodology of worship divides us from our Christian brothers and sisters like a civil war, with every one of us fighting our family members over issues like the method of baptism, the style of worship or style of preaching. … […]

  2. “Why can’t we agree to disagree, but unite for a common good under the common banner of the Most High?”

    Because truth is more important than unity.

    There are growing minorities within Christendom that are denying core doctrine. Thhere are others that believe said core docterines but refuse to broach the subjects. There are others, Mormans to name a cult, that are attempting to evangelize under the banner of Jesus Christ.

    I appreciate the spirit of your post but you have to toss out all of the teachings about false teachers to accomplish this… because they will come in Jesus name.

  3. The only reason I allowed your comment jud is this:

    I dare you to judge anyone’s heart! I dare you. For you to do so would be unbiblical, and wrong.

    Your type of constant dissenting banter is the reason why the church is looked at more for what it is against than what it is for. If you had read my blog, I spoke of the issues of communion and baptism which are method issues, not theological issues. Are there not petty arguments that divide the body? YES!

    Jud, Please stop trying to correct anyone that believes differently. It is not your place, nor will it ever be, on my blog site.

    In Him,

  4. Tim,

    I’m sorry if I jumped to a conclusion there. I agree, we shouldn’t let the small things divide us.

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