Are you a mouse or a whale?

          There is a sad truth that people who possess vision are persecuted, and criticized. We are a culture of doubters and naysayers, of objectivists instead of visionaries, and it shows in everyday situations. Uniqueness and ingenuity are looked down upon, and nothing outside of the established and traditional system is thought of as successful or right. It is this way especially within the church. What fools we are.

          Things change. People change, and with them trends come and go. What was “accepted” one day is discarded the next, but the traditionalists are always there, pointing a finger at the inivators and shaking their heads. Why is this? Why do we automatically think so cynically? For those who cynics, I offer these words. Truth is truth, but the application of that truth is not limited and can evolve.

          Our mindsets and worldviews are evident by our actions. The Bible says, “By your fruit ye shall know them,” and I agree. Everyday people distinguish themselves as individuals as they move about in their daily lives. But, the truest piece of fruit that becomes evident more swiftly than any other is whether a person is positive, or a negative. I like to think of the ideas of positivity and negativity as animals. The two are as diametrically opposed as a blue whale and a field mouse. They can never be bred together to create a third species, and it is far easier to hold the negative mouse than to capture or harness a blue whale. Proponents of negativity question “What can’t…?”, as opposed to “What can…?” But it is ultimately those who dare to question “What can?” that have the impact on the people around them.

          When Uprising Churchwas formed in January of 2007, individuals were introduced to a pastor with a true vision. The church thrived for a time, but the Pastor quickly became the target of the doubters and dissenters, who said “I could do this better.” Most of them criticized and gossiped, back-stabbed and connived, and unbeknownst to those that did, it was only hindering the ministry, and they will eventually answer for it. Over the course of the church’s first year several staff and several families left. Most had opposed Joe in the specific vision God had given him, couldn’t put their minds around the attitudes of submission, and couldn’t fathom the idea that maybe God wanted Joe to act outside of the box that tradition would have dictated. After the church was purged of the “mice holders” the Lord blessed the pastor and the church, and everything became better than it had ever been. Sure, Uprising is a small church, but everyday we meet together as a body, it becomes more and more evident that the “what can” mindset is the one that God demands that we have.  

          The simple truth is that negativity is bad. It has never been good. It will never be good, and the sooner people get their minds off of what can’t be done and focus on what can and should be done, there will be a paradigm shift with the church and within society in general, but it starts with us. It is essential as people and as Christ followers to embody this positivity and hope because the world is a very cynical place, and that is not of Christ.

          If you cynics are still not moved by the simple argument just stated, I offer some simple situational logic. When you were growing up and you said you wanted to be a fireman or a police man so you could help people, how would you have been affected if your mommy or daddy looked down at you and said that those were silly ideas and were impractical? What if they hyper-analyzed and picked apart every achievement or success you had and constantly told you that it wasn’t good enough? Chances are you would become very disheartened by the words that they spoke, and you in turn would become a very bitter and cynical person yourself.

          To the mouse holders- I understand that at some point in your life you have been hurt by a mouse holder, and I understand that you live in a society that has programmed you to think the way you do. Find your own voice in the chaos of life and in the lessons life teaches. Learn how to apply positivity and reinforcement to the insecurities, fears, or doubts you have about yourself, and strive to think about what can be done and not what can’t. Lastly, do your best, day in and day out, to avoid bringing down those people around you, rather, encourage them so they will grow and mature in whatever endeavor they are pursuing.  There is a power of positive thinking that countless authors and motivational speakers have written and spoken about, and it is all at our fingertips if we, but take the time to look. I know it seems easier to hold the mouse than the whale, but when you are finally able to hoist that imaginative beast above your head, you will realize that helping others is far more rewarding than tearing them down.

          To the whale holders- do not be discouraged. If you are thinking outside the box then you are already past the main hurtles that society will throw out at you. Learn to turn criticism into a test of self belief, and understand that most people attack what they do not understand. God desires you to be original. He was the creator of original and we can see this in His creation, and in others. If you are a musician that desires to “make it” in the music business, work hard and never give up. Book shows, practice your craft, and attack mediocrity with every chord you play. If you are a writer, know that not everything has been written, and yes, there is room for what you feel convicted to say. Don’t let critics and doubters ever hinder the belief you have in the words you put on the page because what you write is what you are, and what you are is a child of God. Work constantly to improve upon your talent, and be the best you can be without worrying what others will think when they read your work. These thoughts apply to everyone, and I hope they are an encouragement to any that listen. Only you understand why you do something, and only you, ultimately, are able to believe in yourself. God wants you to believe in yourself, and He wants you to understand that He gave you your gifts for a reason: to help others and to glorify Him. Don’t waste time. We don’t have much of it.


          Negativity is a disease, and I pray that all of you will think about how your positivity can be a light to the lost, and how we can use our vision to submit to God in a way that is more powerful than by living inside the box. Put the mouse down, pick up a whale and see what happens. I dare you.


~ by Tim Kurek on February 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Are you a mouse or a whale?”

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  2. Just let me say…this is an outstanding post!! You really should be a writer, dude!

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  4. And Joe,

    Thank you so much for the encouraging comments!

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