What I’m Currently Reading…

          So it has been about 10 days or so since I wrote a new blog on here, but I have my reasons… The first is I want what I wrote to sink in and for everyone to get the chance to see if before I post my next blog, and the second is because I have been very much into reading a few new books I have picked up recently. So without further delay, here are my excuses for not writing on here in a whole 10 days!





And while I am reading, I am listening to…


Sigur Ro’s- “Hvarf”

          As you can see, I have my hands full! I have enjoyed what this season has brought to me by way of books and music… And am impressed by the quality that is being written and recorded all over the world.

          My next blog will be posted in the very near future, as I am just finishing and praying through what I want the finished product to say. It is important for any conscious writer to claim his words and before we can do that we have to be able to back them with our reputations, with out lives, and with our hearts, so to rush the process is foolish and uninspired. God bless you all!


~ by Tim Kurek on December 13, 2007.

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