I’m In It…

          Fall has given way to winter, and the cool sting bites my hands and nose as I make my way outside to my car. Even my windshield is frozen over as I reach my vehicle, so I resort to turning on the engine and letting it sit for twenty minutes before I am able to successfully see out in front of me. It is a hassle, but a welcome one as this time of year spells a time of family, and a time of growth second to none throughout the year. I remember so many winters before this one, and the smiles and laughs that accompanied them. They will always live on in my memory, and beyond in the memory of my legacy, in the stories I will write and the poems I will pen. I am blessed. I can breathe deeply knowing this, thanking God for the mercy He has had on me in the most undeserving of times. And that is why I love Him and that is why I trust Him.         

          For some reason the sky seems so much clearer during this time of night. I look up with a shiver and can hear the music playing above me, the music of the cosmos shouting its melodies to the great distances beyond my human comprehension. Oh how I long to hear that symphony, that eternal progression of notes upon the drops of light in the vastness of God’s sanctuary. It has been a long time since I have felt this peace, and a long time since I have known this rest. It was needed, so, so sorely needed. In working so much last summer I had forgotten what it was like to just look, to take notice of the creation and beauty around me, and it saddens me. How much did my eyes fail to see? How deaf was I to the rhapsody of this planet, to the songs carried so perfectly upon the winds? But I will no longer lament the past. Today is a new day and with it brings a new song, one of hope and of peace… A song that yet again leads me to my Father’s feet, to His throne of grace and to the comfort and safety of His house.          

          I do not know if anyone out there is able to identify with me on this feeling, or this thought, but in the coldness of winter I am able to feel the warmth of life so much more keenly! It is a recognition of faith as I inquisitively watch my breath leave my mouth like smoke out of an unkempt fireplace, and for the first time in a long while I can actually feel home. I love Nashville. I love this weather, and this perfect combination of nature and city life, a balance of the fast and slower paced lifestyles that goes unparalleled in the south. I love that no matter where I am people wave and smile, making me feel at home even more so with their tenderness and easy going spirits. I love this ground, this earth upon which I meander about searching for meaning and finding the beautiful freedom of truth. God said, “You have but to ask”, and I am asking, proving my Father’s promise with each meager request. Such is my life at the moment.          

          As we move forward into this season of joy and fellowship and cheer I have but one request of all of my readers… Cherish life. Cherish everything and everyone that God has brought into our circles and our lives, and as we celebrate the birth of the greatest Son that was ever among us, reach out and share what we have, and what we know with those that are in need. Pure and undefiled religion is this… I pray that all of us are blessed and are enjoying the world around, as we take the time to pause our everything, so we might better incline our ears to the music, and adjust our lives to the natural rhythms that God has established all around us. May God bless you and keep you. May His beauty and light shine upon you. And may we give Him the glory for all He has done, as we move forward into the concert set so perfectly before us.        


~ by Tim Kurek on December 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’m In It…”

  1. Yes it is true bro. Tim that we have to pause for a while and cherish for all the things that GOD brought in our lives.

    Because this will be the starting point that we will thankful to GOD, and the greatest thankful that we can offer to GOD is to share what we have as what you said.

    “For whosoever HAVE SHARE, to him shall be given MORE, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not SHARE, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.” Matthew 13:12

    “AND THAT GOOD DEEDS that I shall TEACH him shall never FAILED; but THAT GOOD DEEDS that I shall TEACH him shall be in him a well of GOOD DEEDS springing up into AN everlasting life.” John 4:14

    May God bless us and keep us. May His beauty and light shine upon us. And may we give Him the glory for all He has done to us through our compassionate heart to the others who needs.

  2. I too love the crisp feeling of winter. Sleeping with the window open buried under blankets with my wife in my arms. Definitely beats the no sheets sweaty summer.

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