Awesome message on the emerging church!

 From Rick McKinley’s blog about the emerging church, as a result to the responses he got on his recent blog… Check this sermon out at the link below.


          “Just found this link (below) to a great message on the EC by Scot McKnight speaking at Westminster, from Gideon, that I got off of Andrews Jones sight. I talked with Andrew recently it had been some time since we had connected. I still believe he is one of the best thinkers out there and quite unassuming. He has a much more global read on the emerging church conversation and I really respect his life.

          This message from Scot McKnight is a strong one. For those of you who have been following our conversation you will benefit from his analysis, which came about from first hand interviews and really brilliant. He captures the guts and values of this thing brings back the missional aspect of what really drove the whole thing in the first place. It is also a movement that God is building, it is growing through small groups of people that are multiplying all over the world. No one should just dismiss it and as you try to get your mind around it this will be a very helpful take on it from an American. The audio is not great but you can hear it fine.”


~ by Tim Kurek on October 30, 2007.

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