To Be Cold or Hot, That is the Question!

(It has been a while since I have written a blog on here… Partly because over the past week I have really been struggling with sin in my own daily life, and I did not want to step back behind this pulpit without having my “house in order”. And during this time, this is what God has been teaching me! We are all susceptible to this sin, in fact it is one of the most rampant cancers within the church. I hope the Lord grabs your heart today the way He has rebuked and grabbed mine again over the past few days.)


          “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. (Rev. 3:15-16)”

          I am disturbed by people within the sphere of Christianity that live the life of the lukewarm- indeed I am at times guilty of being in the “religious” rut, but I am referring to the perennial fence riders– and that proclaim Christianity but don’t live out Christ. The Bible says we are to emulate Christ, and Jesus, Himself, told us that we were to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect… Obviously this can’t be done through ourselves, rather we can only reach this pathway through the mercy of Christ Jesus.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (I Cor. 10:31)”

Here are some examples of the fence-riding, lukewarm crowd that I am frustrated by…

Pastors that do not treat everyone with love, including homosexuals, people of other denominations, or liberals. This list includes legalists, bigots and religious zealots that do not understand the concept of a balanced gospel. In acting this way they are only choosing to follow one half of the true message of Jesus, and in so doing are not following the true Christ.

The everyday Christians that are chain-letter evangelists on myspace rather than being living and breathing examples of a Christ follower by going out into the highways and byways, to meet the needy where they are at. (Myspacers, ever seen the chain-letters that say “re-post this if you are not ashamed of Jesus, or Jesus will be ashamed of you? Then you know what I am talking about!)

“Chreaster” Christians, that profess God but only attend church on Christmas or Easter. No you do not HAVE to go to church, but the Bible says do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together, and for most the church is the easiest way to worship God in a structured environment of worship. And if one neglects joining with the body, then one is most likely neglecting getting to know Christ through His word and with other believers.

– Churches that do not fulfill the James 1:27 mandate of a pure religious body. We are supposed to obey the following, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. (James 1:27)” Obviously this list doesn’t include bickering with others, and calling out homosexuals and democrats in such a hateful way (Jesus was not a democrat or a republican, He was God and that is more than enough).

– Churches that preach the love of Christ, but never the depravity of man. The love of Christ is radical, but it is a cure without the disease if one doesn’t understand sin and sin’s consequences. The friendship gospel is not wrong, but a friendship gospel minus the truth of the consequences of sin, is no friendship anything!

– The prosperity gospel advocates that preach a singular message of God giving you whatever you want if you serve Him. This is idolatry and is not only sinful but is downright a stumbling block to our fellow believers and to those who have yet to receive Christ, yet.

          There are many more types than what is on the list, but one thing is certain, God wants you boiling with the Spirit, or as cold as a snowy wasteland, and anything in between will be spued out of His mouth. I encourage all of you to re-evaluate your relationship with Christ if it is in the rut of being lukewarm. Ask God to set you on fire once more for Him! He loves you, and He died for you, so why would we be anything but on fire for the Savior and almighty God? Jesus is our cornerstone, and I encourage all who are out of fellowship with Christ to recommit yourselves to that fact.

And for a more those who enjoy a different style… Please listen to both and worship with both.


~ by Tim Kurek on October 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “To Be Cold or Hot, That is the Question!”

  1. Yes. I am frustrated by the same things.

  2. Brothers, I am frustrated with the same things as well.

    So many Christians (myself included) are afraid to confess, and throw off our sins, instead we cover it up, point it out in others, and go on living half-hearted Christian lives. The book I’m reading calls it being “born again lazy”

    I always tell the teens who ride the church bus that “There ain’t no half-steppin with Jesus” But I tell you there are days where I feel like a straight up lukewarm half-steppin Christian.

    Aaron G.
    James 4:16

  3. Once again, Joel Osteen’s utter failure to uphold Christian truth in an age of apostacy only further supports what is all too clear about his teaching: it is spiritually bankrupt.

    Here is a link to articles our ministry has created on Osteen’s heretical compromise that is anointed as “Christianity” today.

  4. 1. Name some of these awful hateful bigot pastors. Fred Phelps, who honestly cannot even be called Christian, I grant you, but who else? My guess is that they are few and far between, and that refusal to oppose evil is a bigger problem. I am of the opinion is the only way to present the gospel in a balanced or otherwise Biblical and correct fashion is to emulate the sermons in the Bible, which includes not only the sermons of Jesus Christ in the gospels and the apostles in Acts, but also recognizing that the epistles are but written sermons (as they were, after all, read to congregations in their entirety by the bishops in the early churches, and on regular occasions at that). I believe that it is departing from that foundation is what causes sermons to be unbalanced. Paul, Peter, John, and James did not rail hatefully against a specific sin or group of sinners, but they did not tiptoe around the issue out of some fear of judging, condemning too harshly, driving people away, or earning some untoward label like “rigid fundamentalist” either.

    2. I agree 100%. And I personally myself recognize the need to do more and am trying to do more.

    3. Democrats and Republicans are six of one and half a dozen of another in my book. For instance, both are obviously pro – abortion, and Republicans are just as willing to take the votes of pro – life Christians today as was Jimmy Carter in the 1970s against pro – abortion Gerald Ford. So, then what is the correct or loving way to not so much as “call out a homosexual” but to tell a moral and upright man possessing great character and virtue that he will spend an eternity in the lake of fire unless he accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior? Incidentally, living in “the gay capital of the south” I have known plenty of homosexuals that are very kind, generous, honest, moral, loving, self – sacrificing people.

    4. Agreed.

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