Food-Court Christianity!

          I love the feeling of walking into one of my favorite bookstores (Barnes and Noble, or Borders) and taking that first breath, smelling the aroma of crisp pages that accompanies newly printed books! I love that they’re everywhere, lining the walls and shelves all around me as I enter. It gives me a sense of freedom unlike any other retail environment, and I get to be around thousands of my peers, published authors that have written on a million topics over the course of several thousand years. I love that sense of belonging, that sense of brotherhood amongst our trade, and I feel addicted to it… Addicted to the variety and the openness of it all, as if the store was created for the soul purpose of renewing my creative soul.

          I spend a lot of time in these bookstores, reading on a variety of different topics, picking and choosing as if in a buffet line or in a food court, what exactly it is that I wish to consume. And then I think about society, Christian society to be precise, and I think about how Christians like to treat church the same way that I like to treat the decision making process of what books I will sample. Its sad to think that over 98% of pastors, missionaries and churches are located in the U.S., serving a mere 2% of the world’s population thereby leaving the other 98% high and dry. Why do they do that? Because as Christians in America, we like choice! We love to know that we can go from church to church without committing to a regular body of believers and that there is such a wide variety of these houses of God to sample and take advantage of that we will never grow tired. This mind set has led to a very destructive pattern within Christendom, and that is the idea that churches are here to serve us. What a selfish ideal, and a vain line of thinking… Shame on us!

          So what mind set should we have towards church? I believe that Church is not a place for us to come and be nourished, or even to be blessed, rather church is a place where we are to come together as a body to worship the Lord corporately and bless Him for everything He has done for us… Or at least it’s supposed to be. But no, we try to make it about us, like we do with everything else. I encourage you to gain your nourishment and blessings from the word of God on a daily basis and not to count on a weekly fill up from your local house of God every Sunday morning. I encourage you to think of church as a place where we can bless and honor God, and where we can fellowship with other members of the body. And I encourage you to run from this “Me church” mentality that is sweeping our nation. Please pray that America will share its spiritual wealth with other countries, so that 2% of the world’s population is not hoarding the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ! And please be more loyal, and more resolute. The ficcleness of America is making a bad impression on believers elsewhere. We need to grow, and the only way to do that is to think outwardly. Who can we serve? How can we bless? These are the questions that make a pure religion. God be with us all!

Please watch the video and think about what it says! It’s only a little over a minute…


~ by Tim Kurek on September 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “Food-Court Christianity!”

  1. Indeed the problem with our churches today is that they are not about the Lord, but about us. The number one complaint in most churches is about the worship music.

    “I don’t like that modern stuff… why can’t they play the old favorites?”

    “There is so much great music out there today, why can’t we have a more contemporary feel to our services?”

    I want to just shout, “Forget about the style of music… are you even listening to the words?”

    In many instances, people don’t come to church to worship, they come for what they can get out of it. If they don’t get what they like, they’ll go. It’s very sad. The focus is totally warped. We are coming before a holy God, who longs to speak to us and fill us with His Spirit, and we’re so selfish all we can think about is how “This pastor isn’t very eloquent…” or “Why is he preaching the Old Testament? I like the gospels better!”

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. I’m with you. It’s time we remember WHY we worship and WHO we worship. Enough is enough.

  2. I remember a sermon I heard some years ago in which it was noted that one can treat church as a buffet, and take what you can from it (some people come just to “get fed”)–or, you can see church as a caravan, (its going somewhere) and everyone has some duty to perform, something to contribute.

    Well, thats not the end all answer, but its a start.

  3. Tim,
    Thanks for a very sad but true post. The world and it’s influences have crept into the church. May we pray and help those where we can.
    Be blessed in Him,

  4. Thank you so much for the comment! Keep reading and I will check back on your site!

  5. It depends on what church your are serving…true Christians only serve in one true church ezra 7:23…the House of God….seek for the House …..avoid the false…Mat 24:24

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