Uriah Ministries Announcements…

          Just wanted to say a few quick things… This is not a typical blog, and it is a lot more casual than normal, so bare with me.

          1. God is awesome! His creation displays that genius, and it’s beauty screams that He is an artist. I love Art. All kinds. And I love that God put us in His art museum, while we go about this crazy life. How amazing. As I looked out at the waves today, crashing against the shore, and watched the powerful storm clouds start to roll in, I was in awe of the drama and poetry stretched out before me. What an amazing gift to be able to see our Father through creation! What a blessing to know He created this and we get to enjoy it! I hope and pray that all will take the time the next time you go outside to just look up. Think about how beautiful the sky is, whether it be blue or overcast, it doesn’t matter. And raise your hands in the air in praise to our Father God.

          2. I just purchased the book, “The Everlasting Man” by G.K. Chesterton, on the advice of Frank. You may have seen Frank’s comments on a few of my blogs. Anyways, I am done with the introduction and already feel enlightened by some of the points Chesterton has made. The other thing is, I know it will be extremely hard to read early on because it’s not modern enough and I am very ADD with books. But I know the Lord wants me to read this book so I am going to get through it and take notes. I also know that I need to get over my addiction to easy reading and need to balance my reading diet with the stuff that is complicated, as well as the easy to read stuff. I will write about this book shortly!

          3. Uriah Ministries just got its thousandth hit in one week!!! I am so stoked and blessed at the success the Lord has brought to this sprout-ling of a ministry. My prayer is that it will keep on reaching more and more people and that it will become a full time college ministry, serving the Nashville community for Christ. Thank you so much for reading this blog. Please check back frequently as it will be updated a lot.

          4. Please take a look at some of the links on my blogroll. Joe Case’s blog is updated regularly, as is Rick McKinley’s. Both are called preachers and I hope their blogs bless you as you go about your daily life. Josh Sisson’s, “Sanctuary Ministries” blog will be up shortly, and you are not going to want to miss that. He will challenge your thinking, I promise.

Have a great day!


~ by Tim Kurek on September 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Uriah Ministries Announcements…”

  1. if you credit god for all the beauty in nature and beautiful days etc. do you get mad at god regarding hurricanes, rainy days etc.

    just asking is all…….

  2. Not at all. I love the rain, and I am fascinated by hurricanes and twisters. Right now I live in Florida and I have yet to be through a hurricane, but I have been through rainy season. You can see the beauty in anything. Didn’t you read the part about the storm clouds coming in over the water? Anyways, just look up.

  3. best of wishes to your ministry. grace and peace.
    (feel free to come back and further expose Benny Hinn)

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