For those who choose to argue…

          I’ve been contemplating arguments within the body of Christ over the last few days, mainly because of the attempted arguments certain individuals have tried to start via comments on this site. And while I appreciate different viewpoints, I have to sit here and wonder, are these argumentative people, as Jesus would want them to be? I know that right now in the context of this blog, they are not. Pride seems to be a pretty broad sickness amongst believers, and I pray that, that sickness does not reach the body, of which I am a part because nothing brings me joy apart from uplifting others and preaching a balanced and positive gospel. But times seemed to have changed.

          At the beginning of the summer I set off, alone, to conquer a state and a job that I never thought I would undertake. The Lord seemed to have given me confidence, and as I made my way down I was sure that I had chosen the right path for myself. I wondered how much money I would make, how many experiences I would have, and how much I would grow, but nothing seemed to prepare me for the lesson that I have learned. The lesson is that Christ alone is enough to sustain me, and I learned this through a complete isolation, something I was not expecting. But God works in so many wondrous ways… Why would He allow me to feel such a pain? Because I have felt total isolation and hope to know nothing of it in the near future, I write this… But why would He test me?… Well He didn’t test me, as James says He just allowed me to be tested. The answer is that suffering, pain, loneliness, are all results of sin that God uses for good to those that love Him. Heard that verse before? Until this summer I had heard it but it wasn’t real to me. “God uses everything for good to those that love Him.” Think about that. So while I was down here fearing everything but God, He was taking my pride, preconceived notions about life, love, and all of my thoughts about Him and was purifying them as one would purify water, through a boiling process.

           I live with Mormons. I have lived with at least two Mormons or more since October of last year, in TN and in Florida. Most people, especially Christians, can’t fathom what it would be like to live with people that they consider to be in a “cult”. But I have learned something through my living situation, and that is that Christ loves them, as He loves me, every bit as much. And while I completely disagree with their doctrines and their religion, I still understand that arguments don’t get us anywhere. For me to condemn my roommates would be the most ungodly thing I could do because my mandate is to love them. I know certain people will comment on this thought, but I would hope they would understand where I am coming from. People do not respond to us when we are mean to them and then try to preach to them. I would just encourage them to live a holy life and ponder if in my shoes, what would the result be if I had been cruel?

          So doing anything other than showing love is clearly wrong, and showing love alone is also unbalanced. Therefore one must present a balanced gospel and must let the Holy Spirit do His work without us inhibiting Him. The act of witnessing is more like a beautiful dance between the Holy spirit, the individual, and you the vessel. It’s so beautiful to ponder isn’t it? I think so. What we should do is show the love of Christ to those people that we don’t agree with. Again, as Spurgeon wrote, he shall be the rightest in practice, who loves the most… Hard words will not convert him, hard deeds will not make him a Christian. Love him straight on; his sin is not against thee, but against thy God. Thy God takes vengeance for sins committed against himself, and leave thou him in God’s hands. I know I used this quote before, but it is just so beautiful and so true.

          Arguing within the body has no purpose other than to tear the body apart, and while we come to this extreme crossroads where we see the church divided into two primary groups, I hope we are all praying that we remember that others are watching us and are determining what they think of us based off our actions. We are to exemplify Christ and Christ did not war with the Father, or contradict Him. We are given the mandate to be the vessel by which the Holy Spirit will change people’s lives, and we can’t do that while we engage in petty arguments and try to force our viewpoints down others’ throats. Speak your message in love, and then let the Lord animate those words. And remember, God can defend Himself! He in no way needs us. We are to be the object of His pleasure, and something that glorifies Him by choice. We are not meant to be His little assassins, tearing others apart as we would enemies. And remember, my love for you is intense, but God’s love for you is immense. God bless you all this day!

          Please check out this song! It’s my favorite of Phil Wickham’s and I know it will bless all of you!


~ by Tim Kurek on September 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “For those who choose to argue…”

  1. great stuff. Love your site and I’m w/ya on the whole “christians-are-dividing-over-non-essential-things” idea.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words. Check back frequently and I will do the same with you!

    Your Brother,

  3. Hi – popped over here from your reply on Father Stephen’s site and read some of your posts. This one really spoke to me because the argumentative spirit that is about often makes me want to run from Christians instead of gravitate towards them. Coffee hour at church is full of it. But, there is a lot of it out there in the world too, just not on Christian subjects. So…I appreciate what you had to say. Keep encouraging us to show God’s love and forget all the divisiveness. I’ll check back for that kind of encouragement.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Anna! I would however like to respond to the fact that you chose the blog that didn’t step on any one’s toes. A balanced gospel is a gospel full of love, but also fully honest with the black and white doctrines of the word. Please know that I write both as the Spirit leads. I have a new blog coming out tonight or tomorrow, so check back then.

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